High Performance Messaging and Market Data API

Unlocking the raw performance and scalability of Market Data systems for both proprietary and Open Source messaging solutions via a single API with bindings for C, C++, C# and Java.

Latest Release 6.3.0
OpenMAMA is an open source project that provides a high performance middleware agnostic messaging API that interfaces with a variety of message oriented middleware systems.

Steering Committee

OpenMAMA is backed and governed by a steering committee of industry leaders including both enterprise users and world class vendors.
  • JP Morgan
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Vela
  • Tick42
  • Arcontech
  • Solace

Compatible Technologies

OpenMAMA's greatest strength is its interoperability with both proprietary and Open Source APIs using the same open interface.
  • Vela
  • Refinitiv
  • Bloomberg
  • Arcontech
  • Solace
  • Qpid
  • 0mq
  • Actant
  • Onetick
  • Flextrade
  • ITRS
  • Activ
  • MDX
  • Metafluent
  • Rai
  • Fixnetix
  • Redline

Why OpenMAMA?

OpenMAMA is a specialist High Performance, Low Latency API which provides standard interfaces into a variety of platforms using C, C++, Java and C# APIs.


High Performance

Market data workloads demand high throughput and low latency. OpenMAMA allows you to leverage the performance of the underlying technology via a standard interface without sacrificing performance.


Standard API

The OpenMAMA API is simple and easy to understand, but it unlocks connectivity to a variety of proprietary and Open Source platforms without any specialist coding being required.


Open platform

OpenMAMA is an open platform and new underlying technologies are being added all the time. You can even add your own to interface to the platform and the OpenMAMA community will help you!


Plug and Play.
No Recompile.

Switching underlying technologies is as easy as adding the underlying bridge library to the deployment, and updating configuration. No code changes are required to the OpenMAMA application at all.

Write your application once, and automatically support every OpenMAMA platform available both now and in the future as new technologies are added.


Industry Standard.

OpenMAMA is used in Investment Banks, Proprietary Trading companies, Hedge Funds and data providers. It is used in both algorithmic trading applications and throughout the tiers of a typical Market Data Distribution or web distribution platform.

It requires no additional software to run in the target environment and has an API which will be familiar to a large portion of Software Developers in the field

More features

OpenMAMA isn't just a connectivity API. It also contains extensive domain specific functionality.



OpenMAMA can easily integrate with third party Entitlements providers.


Data Recovery

May include sequence numbers to allow your stream to recover, even if the underlying middleware has gapped.



OpenMAMA features a C++ plugin API to allow you to hook into every part of the data stream for analysis or audit trail.



Works on Windows, Linux and MacOS and is endian safe.



Supports C, C++, Java and C# with more on the way.


Bridgable API

OpenMAMA is designed to allow third parties, both open source and proprietary, to interface with each other.


Pure Messaging

Don't need the market data capabilities? You can still use OpenMAMA to abstract yourself from underlying middlewares used solely for messaging.


Market Data Integration

Comes with support for Order Books, Option Chains and last value cache listeners. Supports all asset classes including Equities, FX, Futures, Options and Bonds.

Seen enough? Want to give it a try?