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Community Resources

OpenMAMA has a knowledgeable, friendly and active community who are available to help whether you’re a novice or an expert. If it isn’t obvious which way is best to contact us, the Gitter channel is a great place to start.


For most ad hoc questions, queries or clarifications, please use Gitter. It is our most active community, and the best place to go for general queries. Feel free to chat here about:

  • Questions about the API or the project
  • Suggestions
  • Offers of assistance


GitHub is our control center for tracking all changes to the OpenMAMA project. We use it for:

Mailing Lists

We also have some mailing lists available for more involved discussions and general announcements.

  • OpenMAMA Announce (listinfo | archives). This is a read-only list for general announcements about the OpenMAMA project. Subscribing to this list will ensure you are made aware when new releases are available.
  • OpenMAMA Dev (listinfo | archives). This mailing list is for people who are doing active development on the OpenMAMA project. Please do not use this list for general questions, user level questions about OpenMAMA, or the development of applications that utilizes OpenMAMA. Those questions should be posted in other mailing lists.
  • OpenMAMA Users (listinfo | archives). This mailing list is for people who have user level questions about OpenMAMA.


The OpenMAMA project is also active on twitter - consider yourself invited to follow and retweet!

Cloudsmith (Software Repository)

The easiest way to obtain OpenMAMA software for Linux services is via our cloudsmith repositories

Guidelines for Participation

Our goal is to maintain an environment of professionalism, respect, and innovation within OpenMAMA development.


Please adhere to the following guidelines as you participate in the OpenMAMA project:

  • Be professional. Please avoid flaming, profanity, vulgarity, SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS. Keep personal discussion for live chat. There is never any reason to publicly discuss gender, ethnicity, orientation, lifestyle, or religion in our project.
  • Stay on topic. If you have a comment that is not relevant to the current discussion, please start a new thread.
  • Keep it legal. Please use project resources for their intended purpose and do not share code which is not yours to share.
  • Don’t feed the trolls. If you are getting trolled, ignore or report.
  • Be helpful. Be patient with new people and be willing to jump in to answer questions.
  • Stay calm. The written word is always subject to interpretation, so give people the benefit of the doubt and try not to let emotions get out of control.
  • Don’t post chunks. Avoid posting big chunks of text. Feel free to use github gist or similar if sharing code is necessary.
  • Be Patient. Folks might not be around when you ask a question so wait a while for someone to speak before leaving.
  • Don’t Private Message. Ask permission before you send someone a private message as it can be considered rude and subsequently ignored. Others may want to see what you have to say anyway so don’t be shy.


The OpenMAMA project applies the “3 strikes” method, with the exception of obvious spammers, trolls, and abuse. Depending upon severity, these may be banned on the first occurrence and without warning.

  • Strike 1: Public reminder that the behavior is inappropriate.
  • Strike 2: Final warning that additional inappropriate actions will result in removal.
  • Strike 3: Up to a 6 month ban from participating in the community

Commercial Support for OpenMAMA

In addition to community resources, there are also several companies who provide commercial support for both OpenMAMA and related products. Note that neither OpenMAMA nor The Linux Foundation endorse any provider.

If you offer similar services, please contact us and we’ll add your offering to the list.

Vela Trading Technologies


Vela provide commercial support and professional services for the OpenMAMA API.

Vela also provide high performance middlewares, payloads and complimentary products which can be used with OpenMAMA and for which they procide commercial licensing and support.

For more information on Vela’s OpenMAMA commercial support and services click here.



Cascadium provide Open Source software and bespoke development services for OpenMAMA related projects as well as commercial support for OpenMAMA.

Cascadium currently provide and maintain the ZeroMQ and OMNM middleware and payload bridges.

For more information on Cascadium’s OpenMAMA services click here.

Commercial Support for Service Integration Providers

Some projects related to OpenMAMA (such as third party bridges) also provide commercial support for their complimentary software components. This is a non-exhaustive list.



Tick42 produce TREP and Bloomberg bridges and provide independent commercial support and development services to the OpenMAMA community.

Tick42’s GLUE enables streaming prices from desktop OpenMAMA directly to web apps avoiding server permissioning and distribution issues.

For more information on Tick42’s OpenMAMA services click here.



Solace provides a feature rich middleware based around physical and virtual appliances.

The Solace OpenMAMA offering includes middleware, payload and caching products, all built on top of Solace production proven components.

For more information on Solace’s OpenMAMA services click here.

Getting Added to these Lists

If you offer a service which you feel should be listed on this page please contact us to have it listed.